Evidence-Based Therapy for Adults


Online Therapy

We know it’s sometimes difficult to attend an appointment in person. Our online therapy sessions allow for appointments to be held with anybody within Australia via either video or phone.


We’re here to help you break the cycle and regain control. We can help you unpack the root cause of your addiction and work towards a sustainable treatment plan that’s suitable for you.

Anger Management

Understanding anger triggers can often be complex. We can help simplify the process through a proven methodology that can help to empower you to overcome your triggers.


Clear your mind and overcome your anxieties. Our psychologists work with a variety of anxious presentations such as generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety, OCD, and phobias.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder often involves abnormal mood swings including bouts of euphoria, as well as low depressive moods. We implement a personalised treatment approach to treating bipolar.

Childhood Trauma

Trauma experienced during the formative years of childhood can have a long-term and pronounced impact on an adult’s life. We’ll support you with unpacking and overcoming your trauma.


We all experience low moods or moments of sadness at some point. Depression can feel like a constant black cloud. Psychological therapy has been proven to help manage depression.

Eating Disorders

The way we eat and perceive food can often be emblematic of deeper-rooted issues. We treat several types of eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia, nervosa, and anorexia.

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss are normal emotions that everybody experiences at times. However, sometimes we can stuck in negative loops and need help moving forward.

Personality Disorders

People with personality disorders can display atypical patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. We treat various personality disorders such as borderline and paranoid personality disorders.


Sometimes we need a hand in improving the relationships that matter most to us. Our psychologists can help you build the skills to better manage your relationships with others.


Self-love starts with you. We’re here to support you with building your self-esteem, increasing your resilience, building your sense of sel-worth and defeating your inner critic.


Stress comes in many shapes and sizes. It has a psychological and physical negative impact on us, particularly when we don’t have the right tools and strategies to deal with it.

Trauma & PTSD

Traumatic events can lead us to feel intense fear and feelings of hopelessness. Individuals with PTSD can experience hyper-vigilance, loss of interest in activities, and flashbacks.