Evidence-Based Speech Therapy for Children


Speech Clarity and Fluency

Helping kids pronounce words clearly, overcome speech difficulties like stuttering, and improve overall speech skills.

Listening and Processing

Supporting children who have trouble processing what they hear, ensuring they can follow and understand spoken instructions.

Sound Awareness Development

Teaching kids to recognise and understand that words are made up of different sounds, which is crucial for learning to read and spell.

Reading and Writing Skills

Helping children develop strong reading and writing skills to succeed in school and beyond.

Eating and Feeding Improvement

Assisting children who are picky eaters or have limited food preferences, making mealtime more enjoyable and nutritious.

Social Skills and Interaction

Encouraging kids to connect and play well with others, building friendships and social skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Support for various levels of autism, focusing on improving communication, social skills, and daily living abilities.

Intellectual Disability Support

Helping people with intellectual disabilities develop communication skills and to increase  their independence.

Developmental Delays Support

Helping young children with developmental delays develop communication skills and to grow.