Anxiety Treatment


Anxiety is a normal human emotion and can be considered as beneficial in some situations. Anxiety disorders, however, differ from the normal feelings of nervousness and include intense and excessive fear. Anxiety disorders can prevent us from participating in activities that we enjoy and impact pertinent areas of our lives such as our work, personal relationships, and physical activities.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders include: 

  • General Anxiety: A persistent worry about negative things happening in the future leading to  chronic feelings of anxiousness, difficulty with decision making, muscle tension and irritability 
  • Health Anxiety: Excessive worry about one’s health and the likelihood of having a major illness such as cancer and heart diseases 
  • Obsessive Compulsions: Recurrent and intrusive thoughts that often compel one to engage in repetitive rituals which destabilize our normal routines in life
  • Panic and Agoraphobia: Includes panic attacks and a fear of going to places where a panic attack is likely to occur
  • Social Anxiety: Extreme fear of being judged by others 
  • Specific Fears and Phobias: Excessive fear of certain objects, situations, or activities 

Therapy can help you to manage your anxiety and release nervousness. This can be done through changing the maladaptive cognitive patterns that trigger anxiety, learning relaxation skills, reducing your physiological arousal to anxiety, and learning effective behaviours that help you to be empowered even in the face of anxiety or anxiety-inducing situations.