Social Difficulties


Social skills are critical skills that allow us to develop and maintain healthy and harmonious relationships with others. Children with sound social skills have been found to be happier, and more satisfied with life. If your child is routinely unable to connect with other children and build or maintain relationships, you may wish to seek help.

Social Skill Deficits

Social skills deficits may include: 

  • Perception
    • Limited understanding of facial expressions or body language
    • Lack of interest in social interactions 
    • Unable to notice rejection actions by others 
    • Poor listener or unable to follow the point of the conversation 
  • Interpretation
    • Unable to understand sarcasm 
    • Unable to greet others appropriately
    • Difficulty in taking on the perspective of other people 
  • Response
    • Interrupts often in conversations
    • Fidgets and moves around inappropriate 
    • Goes off-topic or dominates conversations
    • Does not adapt language to different situations or people

Social skills training will be able to help your child improve their social skills strategies and create better social interactions with others.