Learning Disabilities


It is common for children to struggle with some topics and skills in school. However, when a child persistently struggles with a specific set of skills over an extended period of time, this may be indicative of a learning disorder. While children with learning disorders have difficulty in certain areas of learning, their overall intelligence or motivation may be unaffected.

Symptoms of Learning Difficulties

Symptoms of learning disorders may include:

  • Challenges in understanding the concept of time
  • Challenges in recognising patterns or sorting items by size or shape
  • Difficulties in telling left from right
  • Reversing letters, numbers, or words
  • Difficulty comprehending and following instructions
  • Difficulty remembering what was just said or read
  • Lack of coordination when moving around
  • Difficulties while doing tasks that require hands, such as writing, cutting or drawing

Children with learning disorders often require additional help. Having a diagnosis can help with special education services. Parents, schools, and healthcare providers can also work hand in hand to help support the child in their learning difficulties.