Bullying often results in harm and distress on the targeted child, including physical, psychological, and social harm. It can occur almost anywhere – in the school playground, social settings and online. 

Types of Bullying

There are many types of bullying, such as:

  • Physical bullying: Slapping, punching, and tripping
  • Verbal bullying: Teasing and name-calling
  • Social/relational bullying: Spreading rumours and gossip, ostracizing

Bullying is a severe problem and may increase the risk of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety and impair other areas of life.


If your child is being bullied or has had an adverse bullying experience, therapy may be able to help them cope with bullying in a more empowered manner, develop skills that would allow them to respond effectively to these experiences, emotionally process the adverse experience, and build self-esteem to move forward in a positive manner.