William Escobar

Registered Psychologist
Graduate Certificate in Professional Psychology
NDIS Registered
WorkCover Accredited
Online Therapy
In-Clinic Therapy
Child Psychology
Adult Psychology

William’s governing principles as a practitioner are integrity, justice, and respect. His approach to therapy is guided by compassion, trustworthiness, constructive and conscious engagement in critical thinking to establish and achieve goals, and a non-judgemental space where clients can freely express themselves in a safe manner. He considers an individual’s strengths, psychological and environmental factors, and existential facets to promote overall wellness.

He has worked with clients from early childhood through to older adults, and presentations which include neurodevelopmental disorders, intellectual and learning disorders, complex trauma, personality disorders, conduct disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and stress-related disorders. As a registered behaviour practitioner, he has a thorough understanding of behavioural intervention in multiple settings including mainstream and behavioural educational settings, correctional, aged care, and supported accommodation and the impact on a person’s quality of life.