Rebecca Holt

Registered Psychologist
Bachelor of Psychology
NDIS Registered
Online Therapy
In-Clinic Psychology

With a love of working with children and a keen interest in mental health, Rebecca began her Bachelor of Psychology at Western Sydney University in 2009 going on to complete her degree in 2014, just one week shy of the birth of her son. Rebecca has facilitated groups for the NSW Mental Health Association, worked within the Department of Education in both mainstream and Autism support, and completed her internship working within school settings and Private Practice.

It was within these settings Rebecca furthered her passion for working with children and teens with a keen interest in ASD, ADHD, and parental support. Having identified gaps in the system, Rebecca endeavors to create a nurturing therapeutic environment for her clients and their families. This allows clients to feel supported and truly valued for their strengths, unique differences, and gifts.

Rebecca also has a sound understanding of the difficulties that come along with these particular presentations, for both clients and their families. Using an eclectic approach, Rebecca utilizes evidence-based practices and tailors interventions for clients to assist them in their day to day lives-not just within a session! Emotional regulation strategies, social skills, and confidence building are some of the areas Rebecca enjoys exploring with her clients.

Rebecca feels passionate about making clients and their families feel safe, supported and informed whilst having fun exploring ways to build on clients’ strengths and navigating difficulties.